Last Ride of 2017- up to Cameron Highlands


To mark a beautiful note to the year of 2017, I faced the dilemma to decide whether should I go “gather and chill with friends” or “Go out for some adventures”. Apparently I picked the second option. Proudly.

Ever since my previous ride in Taiwan, I began to like cycling and started enjoy riding in my homeland. My cycling mates named the ride “The Last Epic Ride” of 2017. Yes indeed it was. I have no regret.

Focus of this article:

  • The the process and mentality during this ride
  • Reasons of me keep riding
  • Things to take note taking this ride

We started our ride at Simpang Pulai (Ipoh) before daybreak, intended to catch the sunrise moment while we go through the uphill towards Cameron Highlands. Sadly the weather was cloudy and foggy, the sunrise moment did not come to kick start our day. Anyway, the view was still beautiful and made me excited to ride on.

going uphill (cycling mate: Nadiah)

Let’s talk about the process and mentality!

I totally UNDERESTIMATED this route. Too much incline, and the rough roads give a lot of friction which hold us from rolling even when there’s some decline. At about 12pm, where if it was a normal 60 kilometers route, it should have been completed with much lesser pain. But we completed only about 28 kilometers: less than half, with much more pain in my right leg which I never experience before.


For a few times the idea of giving up came across my mind. I remember I was paddling, counting every meter, and feeling helpless. However, in the end I still made it to the top! You will need to know:

The reasons for me to keep going on

  1. Knowing what I want.
Smiling all the way. (photo credit: Tuan Radzi)


I did, think of just give up this whole “last epic ride of the year” thing for a few times. We had a support car and when we were at the 23rd km and starving, Amzari asked us whether we want to stop there and hop on the support car to go to the top? 1000 times self-questioning in the next 10 seconds. That invitation was so tempting! But seriously, am I here to take the support car to go up there? Do I really want to give up halfway? Is that how I deal with hardship? I know I am not that kind of person, I know limit can always be challenged, I know determination always win.  So I said no, and of course it was not “No” and easily after a few moment “hahahaha I am on the top.” It was tough after that, but the next reason made me laughed all the way.

2. Definitely the view

A cyclist friend once told me that he couldn’t stop laughing when we cycled up to Shouka hill in Taiwan last time. Because it was too beautiful, he said. I couldn’t understand his feeling last time because I was so slow, too slow that when I was on the top I saw nothing but fog (hmmm…)

Until this ride, when I see the amazing view at every different height, I finally understand what he meant.



Those, when I felt like giving up, told me why I was there, and told me to keep paddling.

3. The Team

It is so fun to ride with a bunch of funny friends. Ride with the right people who keep you away from boredom is crucial. They are all so passionate about riding and so easy going! It was a wonderful ride with no pressure, just keep going at our own pace, so long as we reach and had fun.

With Eka and Nadiah

Making friends everywhere. Met the cyclist at the peak!


Anyway, I am just a beginner, riding for fun…
For those who are like me, a beginner but a bit crazy thinking about trying this ride,

few things to take note:

  1. No mamak (food) stall or proper lunch places to stop until about 48km. Bringing some solid food like nasi lemak, or any kind of take away will be brilliant. Remember to SIT down for the lunch in terms to grab some proper rest as both our body and mind need to be recharged. We skipped and suffered the consequences.

    We found some food on the up anyway. Banana or Petai?
  2. To warm up. Never underestimate the importance of warming up, it always help.
  3. Again, I always *nag* people to bring sufficient water to stay hydrated. Still I don’t see the reason not to. Although for this ride you will pass by a few places with the natural mountain water supplied like:
  4. To apply sunscreen. The UV on the mountain is worse than on the ground. To avoid getting bad sunburn, a warm reminder here to apply some sunscreen.
  5. Bring a raincoat just in case it rains, like how it was during our ride.
  6. Also to keep warm, it gets cold up there, down to around 18 degree c, if it rains it gets even colder so don’t forget to keep yourself warm.
  7. Blind spot corners. Avoid stopping at those spots, a lot of trucks and motorcyclist coming up.26694860_10156001381224246_898556106_n_副本

Are you ready now to go on for the ride? All the Best and Enjoy the ride! Good Luck.

The hardship and the pumping of heart remind me that I am alive, and remind me to complete the goals in my life.

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