I spent only 15,000jpy to enjoy Nikko! (2D1N)


Here are tips to save money when traveling to Nikko!

Two concerns should first be solved, and then we have the rest of the money to fill our stomach 😀

  1. Transportation
    click here to see the discount PASS!
    6000jpy was all I paid for the train round trip from Tokyo (Asakusa station) to Nikko. Plus the access into either Edo Wonderland theme park! The price is higher now at 6610jpy, but it is still a worthy deal!
    If you get the 8010jpy pass, you will be able to access into both Edo Wonderland and Tobu Square Theme park.

    Direct train from Asakusa to Nikko

    Other than that, I did get myself a bus pass for two days at 2000jpy. And visited Shinkyo, Kegon waterfall, and Chuzenji lake with this pass!

    Surprise! But that’s it for the transportation and the entrance fee to the theme park. 8000jpy.

    pass including free bus tickets to certain area
  2. Accomodation
    Backpacker hostel is always the best choice for a budget trip! Nikko Inali sleping has been a great place to stay. One bunk bed costed about 2500jpy. And we paid 700jpy each to get our dinner here, with local natural sources of food materials.
    click here to see what they have!

Accommodation and dinner costed 3200jpy.

So far I spent 11200jpy. The rest of the money I spent on some entrance fees and a lot of food, made it 15,000 jpy for the whole trip!

Recommended food from Choco:

  1. Soy milk soba.
    It sounds weird but this is my true love! It was simply delicious!! Not the sweet soy milk like you are imagining, but the one with the fragrance of soy and goes well with the soba noodles.
  2. Manjyu (Bun)
    Few types of Manjyu in Nikko, the one I had was the onsen manjyu, steamed with hot spring water. Other than that there’re sake manjyu, brown sugar manjyu and etc. Each costs around 120jpy and yummy while it is hot!


  3. Yuba Soft cream
    I am severely addicted to yuba. Let me explain this. Yuba is the skin of Tofu! which is basically made from soybean. After boiling the soy milk, there will be a film or skin forms on the liquid surface, that is what we call as Yuba.

    this is what a yuba originally looks like
    and this is how a yuba soft cream looks like.

    Don’t doubt me. It is delicious!!
    Of course there were more. But I only picked up my favorite few. If you do visit, tell me what is your favorite food in Nikko!

So, the whole trip spent me 15,000jpy to eat so much nice food and had this much fun!! click here to see what is so awesome about Nikko. Hope you enjoy NIKKO as how much I do!

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