A Homestay for Every Event – The Lighthouse, Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat.

I have been looking for a HUGE and CYCLIST FRIENDLY homestay to host a cycling event in my hometown. I found this homestay not out of coincident, but because of its reputation, and the recommendations from their previous guests.

I decided to visit the homestay on my own before the event, and then I see the reason why everyone loves this place.

Light House Lodge 海口灯塔小栈

About the Homestay

Around fifteen minutes drive from Batu Pahat town through the winding road towards Minyak Beku,  the “Lighthouse Lodge” will be at our left, under the landmark of Minyak Beku, the lighthouse.

15134569_1664338203857397_1030119825324372610_nAs soon as the automatic gate opened, it is like a hideaway. On the right side of the guesthouse there is a large and comfortable hall that can accommodate more than 200 people for corporate meetings or birthday parties. The living room is designed with glass windows which allow us to look out to the beautiful view from the window.

There are 11 comfortable rooms, a living room that can sing karaoke or watch the TV, a kitchen and dining room where you can show your cooking skills.


In addition, the homestay also has two large 30 x 10 feet home-sized container rooms.
A variety of sports equipment, mahjong and chess games can be found here, allowing us to enjoy the stay.


At the back of the homestay, there is a towering cliff. The low end of the cliff allows guests to take pictures. Go up the ladder to the top of the gazebo, the beautiful scenery of the whole port appears. Sit down to feel the breeze and enjoy the moment away from the busy city.

There is also a broad space for us to do BBQ, play music and dance party at night.


About the attractions nearby

  1. Lover’s Bridge Segenting
    I love sunset so much. In the evening, walk along the bridge to the end, sit on a lover’s bridge, enjoy the sea breeze, while looking at the sky and surface of the ocean being dyed by the sunset into wonderful gradient.
credit: tripadvisor

2. Pulau Sial Lu
From the lover’s bridge, you can see the isolated island “Pulau Sial Lu”, which was formerly where the lighthouse was.
More than a hundred years ago, pirates often appeared around this area, those who passed by here will end up sighing their bad luck. “Sial” in Pulau Sial Lu stands for “bad things” and “Lu” means “take aways”. The name Pulau Sial Lu is intended to take “bad things away”, and surely Segenting has become a popular attraction of Batu Pahat, which we can say that the island has becomes a “blessed place.”

credit: finbulous travel

3. Chong Lung Temple
Chong Lung Temple is in Segenting – a Chinese fishing village. Many visitors from all over the world like to visit the Chong Long Temple. It was built for the fishermen and theri family to pray for safe sail in the past, according to the the local, the god really protect them from disasters and also give fortune to the people, as a result, this place is crowded with visitors especially on the weekends.

Credit: Family Go (link)

Some of the visitors come all the way here to touch the dragon fish. It is said that if you touch the dragon fish, everything will go smoothly and gain good fortune.


Not only for the fortune, I believe there are also people came here for the beautiful village and colorful temple. Such a great place to do photo shoots!

In addition to Chong Long temple, Segenting has another four temples: Chongyan temple, Tianhou temple, Zhaoyi temple and Qinglong temple.

4. Prawn Farm
There is also a huge prawn farm not far away from the homestay, go further up to a small hill, and the farm view will comes into our eyes, with the green lake in front of it and the sea behind the farm.


5. The Ferry Pier and the beach

Take a ride about 3 minutes, there will be a pier where the ferries depart to Indonesia. If you have a passport, you can visit Indonesia by taking the ferry!

credit: Kenali Trip

6. Lighthouse

Never forget about the landmark of Minyak Beku!
Take a short walk along the steep road beside of the homestay, I will call it a hike, to the lighthouse! Walk in between the trees, great workout in the morning.

The lighthouse is the tallest building in this area, from top of this we can see the sea view, and also the view of the town.

⭐ Facts behind of the names ⭐


Saying that in the 15th century, the Siamese army attacked the Malacca dynasty. As a result, he lose the war and retreated to camp at the Batu Pahat Port. The army chiseled the rocks along the sea and was able to dig a well to survive. Due to the of chiseling of the rock, the town was then known
“Batu Pahat” – the name of “chisel stone”.

At that time, there was a lot of “Pokok keruing” tree around the port.
coming out from the tree is fluid in yellow color, which freezes over time. People call this as oil “minyak” and “beku” mean solidification. Therefore, the solidified oil flowing from pokok keruing becomes the name of this place!


About the food nearby

  1. Yong’s Steamboat

Looking forward to a delicious dinner? You can enjoy a steamboat dinner with only 8-minute walk from the homestay. This restaurant is famous for its sweet crabs and seafood, personal favorite is salted egg pumpkin, where even the locals love to dine here.
The name of the restaurant in Chinese is “pool steamboat” because there is a swimming pool right next to it. Guests can also swim here before the meal is served.


2. Lover’s bridge Thai Food

According to the local, the chef of this restaurant is from Thailand, has been here working for over 35 years. The food here tastes like local Thai food.

credit: jalanmag.com.my

3. Segenting Ship Village

Famous for its fresh seafood! Enjoy the mouth-watering food while listen and feeling the sea breeze by the sea.

Somebody teach me how to not choose this place? Hence, our cycling event will be held here! The Lighthouse Lodge, Minyak Beku!

Are you thinking to rent a place for your event/ function/ party/ proposal/ wedding/ gathering in BP?

More information about the homestay is here! Check out their Facebook and enjoy their speedy response on your inquiries! Wish you a fun trip in BP!


Minyak Beku 5星名宿-海口灯塔小栈

Enjoy your stay!!

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