Save the feet!

Yes you have heard about Kenya, Africa. You know that the country is poor, the people are suffering, starving, dying…

Do you also know that death is not the most scary matter for them? The most difficult thing is to survive from the insufficient environment, and to deal with the sickness, and the infectious disease with NOTHING. They have insufficient medical care, not even the knowledge on how to cure. The survival rate of kids below 5 years old in Kenya is less than 80%?


Do you know about the stories of these feet?

These kids are suffering from the parasitisation of clam worm (Jigger flea), a parasitic insect on their feet because they have NO SHOES to wear. These Jigger fleas give them sore and inflammation, itchiness and agony. If the inflammation was not treated promptly, it might lead to death.

I am writing this article today, shouting out to Tina Tsai, who has always dedicated her time on volunteering and devoted a lot in the jigger treatment over years.

Image taken from Tina Tsai

She treated all these kids with her own hands, collecting old shoes donation from Taiwan and Canada for them, as well as organized campaign to hand-make sanitary pads from clothes for the women in Africa few years ago, and recently she collected stainless steel foodware for Kenya kids.


Image taken from Tina Tsai
Image taken from Tina Tsai

I can never forget how she described the toughness of the kids during their treatment.


“I treated a four years old kid today. The treatment process is definitely very painful, most of the kids cried during the treatment but this kid was different. He bear with all the pain although he was in great pain, just because the mother next to him told him his feet will get better after the treatment. He is not scared of pain, he wants to be cured. He is overwhelmed by hopes.”


“There was a boy crying out of pain in his mum’s arms during the treatment today. The mother was crying too to see her kid suffers. But she knows she has to keep him on the chair until the treatment is over, because it is the only way to get his healthy feet back.”

To me, what Tina is doing is more than incredible. I have too much respects for this girl, too much for me to look up to her and I wish I could do something to help the kids like her.

Recently I found out that she has founded a donation to provide cure for the kids. Here in this article I want to share with you all, how we could save one kid with just a little bit from what we have!

1 medical kit could save 1 pair of feet. Things in the medical kit will be:


This medical kit costs 500 New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD). Which is equivalent to around RM66, 17USD.

So, if we donate 500 NTD, we are actually saving 1 kid who’s suffering from jigger fleas!

Click here to donate😊(Chinese version)

Step by step guide in the donation website.

5 steps

  1. Log In – Enter your email and password, or choose Facebook Log in/ Google Log In


2. Select Online Credit Card Banking. (JCB, MASTER, VISA) This is the only method for foreigners to donate, the other methods require Taiwan bank account.


3. Select Donation Method. One time donation/ Monthly donation. (Picture below showing one time donation)

Select the amount of donation. As mentioned above, 500NTD = 1 medical kit,  donation amount depends on your financial ability and your willingness 🙂


4. Fill in personal information. Don’t forget to put code number “421” as it goes to the medical kit.



5. Completed!!


Thanks for the donation! Although we are so far away from Kenya, but I believe and I can see how our little money, a small donation could help a kid tomorrow. Thanks for finished reading this article and stayed with me to the end.

2 more small actions you did could help them more.

  1. Share this article with your friends who might be happy to do the donation together.
  2. Follow Tina on her Facebook, get frequent updates on this matter, and get to learn more about the situation in Kenya.

Tina’s Facebook


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