Somewhere to Hike – CBL Beautiful Malaysia

CBL HIKE 3 Days 2 nights, into the heavenly beautiful nature.🌳

Do you really know #Malaysia?
I admit I am not. For instance, I didn’t know there is such an amazing hiking trail in #Terengganu until early last month, people call it #CBL, it is a combination of 3 mountains in one hiking trip.

Chemerong Waterfall (370 meter)
Gunung Berembun (1038 meter)
Lansir Waterfall (801 Meter)

Itinerary and pictures for you guys! 

⛰️ Day1
8.00am Breakfast and get ready for the hike (Hutan Lipur Chemerong)
9.00am Hiked Chemerong Waterfall. (1.5hours)
10.30am Reached Chemerong Waterfall☘️



12.00pm Had our packed lunch
12.45pm Started hiking to CampB (2hours)
3.30pm Arrived at CampB. (where we camped)


3.30pm Free Time. Shower, fish foot spa, nap and snacks time.
7.00pm Dinner and get to know new friends


10.00pm Rest 


⛰️ Day 2
7.00am Got up and had breakfast
8.30am Started hiking to Seraya Besar and Sungai Balu (2hours)
11.00am Arrived at Sungai Balu. (The GREENEST and clearest water ever!) Cliff jump, swimming, exploring cave behind the waterfall. ☘️

12:30pm had our packed lunch.
1.00pm Started hiking to Langsir Camp (2hours)
3.00pm Arrived at Langsir Campsite.
4.00pm Waterplay at Jeram Lesung and Langsir Waterfall ☘️



6.00pm Relaxed on top of the mountain, with nice evening views and enjoyed the breeze. 🌅 ☘️

7.00pm Dinner
Night time Chit-chat, star-gazing, full moon watching, card games, sleep on rock in the middle of the river. Enjoy the NO-TECH moments. 🌌


⛰️ Day 3
6.00am Got up and waited for sunrise. 🌄☘️

7.30am Breakfast

8.30am Started climb Gunung Berembun (3 hours)
11.30pm Reached Gunung Berembun

12.00pm Reached Taman Bonzai. ☘️

12.30pm Reached Pokok Meraga Berlubang.

1.00pm Arrived at CampY and had packed lunch
2.00pm head down to carpark.
4.00pm Arrived at car park and freshen up
5.00pm Dinner and own arrangement back home.


☘️ = Places that I am in love with! Also the most insta-worthy spots.

—- Keep reading you want to do this hike —-

Registration is needed for this hike.

I would say this area is a 0 polluted.
🚫 water pollution
🚫 sound pollution
🚫 light pollution
🚫 rubbish
Therefore there is NO mosquito, NO cockroach, No rat in these mountains.
Probably the nature should be like this, but this sounds like a miracle to me, and I witnessed it.

This is one of the efforts of Terengganu Government to protect this beautiful piece of land. Hikers are ONLY allowed to hike CBL with the guidance of limited number of trained and certified mountain guides, hiking permit is required, apply 30 days prior to the hike.
We registered with 🌳Back to Nature in Malaysia 🌳. The cost was RM450 included:
(All food served are HALAL and we can cater to vegetarian)

* breakfast
* lunch
* dinner
* guide fees
* permit fees
* hall accommodation 1 day prior to the hike
* flysheet and groundsheet for sleeping
* use of camping equipment
* preparation of all meals
* porter services for food, cooking equipment, camping equipment

—- Keep Reading if you don’t want to DIE during this hike —-

Come on, you won’t die.
Just bear in mind with the following information, to save troubles and be less panic during the hike. Don’t be like us…
Please bring

❣️ clothing
*Wind jacket is necessary! Especially at night, it’s so cold at night and especially during rainy days.
*Light clothes, dry fit, quick dry, and socks (1 pair for night to keep warm – USEFUL)

❣️ personal first aid
* Basic stuffs like plaster and panadol.

❣️ snacks
* I hated myself because I didn’t bring any. (My mouth just can’t stop I don’t know about yours.) Chocolate, energy bar, almonds, candies, crackers would be good to bring along.

❣️ drinks
* When I say drinks, I don’t mean water. Water from the mountain is 100x cleaner, sweeter, non-chemical compare to the water from your house, and easily available, like when you’re showering in the river, just drink that…
Then what?!
I craved for MILO every day. Bring your personal favorite 3 in 1 coffee, milo, horlick or etc. Thanks me later.

❣️ sleeping mat and sleeping bag
We saw so many people carrying a yoga mat and we whispered “ Do they don’t have a sleeping bag? So kesian(pity). ”
At night we knew who are the “kesian” ones.

***Sleeping mat, is used at night to create a more comfortable sleeping area. More importantly, to prevent the damp from the ground contacting our body, so we won’t feel and won’t catch cold. Also technically it is not a yoga mat, it has to be a waterproof mat. The mountain guide couple gave us their bubble sheet and it helped so much! Super kind of them!

❣️ eating utensils (plate, fork/spoon, cup, container for packed lunch)
* Do as what people said. Bring a bowl, fork and spoon, cup and a container to pack your lunch. Don’t be like Choco…

❣️ torchlight/headlamp
* I told you right? There’s no light pollution, if you want to see things at night, bring your own light.

❣️ camera
* Seal your electronic gadgets in a waterproof bag ALWAYS. I nearly lost my phone in rain.

❣️ walking stick (optional)
* Don’t you want an extra pair of legs to hike?

❣️ slippers
* Don’t you want to walk?
(I didn’t bring mine anyway. It was an awful experience…)

There were leeches only at the Chemerong waterfall area. One of our group mates brought colgate+listerine mix spray and that works perfectly.

— Now you can ask me anything about this hike and I will answer in the comment box 🤗 —

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  1. Sin yin says:

    Your CBL HIKING look fun!!! Keen to plan my CBL hike in too… Do you mind to share me contact number/Page of the mountain guide ? I


  2. Syndy says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience & helpful tips. Are there toilets in the camp? If no, how did you all manage?


  3. Mark says:

    Hi…a good article. What is the toilet arrangements like at camp sites?


    1. chocoyining says:

      Hi Mark! Back to the human nature way 😜


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