10 important things to know before travel to Hong Kong.

Anyone else shares the same idea with me which “Hong Kong is a dangerous country. A lot of robbery, drug deals, people carry guns and fire on the streets, a lot of gangsters and illegal racing.” ?

Seriously if you do, DROP ME A COMMENT let me know that I am not alone. And I bet you watched too much Hong Kong movies just like me. #HKmovieSquad


That was my crazy perception on Hong Kong until when I got my Hong Kong bestie – Tess. Well, I am going to explain how’s the real Hong Kong situation in this article.

  1. Hong Kong is SAFE
    In this case, safe as in there’s no robbery, drugs, fire on the streets… Those are fake. Hong Kong has a lot of CCTV on the streets and you will get to see a lot of CUTE COPS doing their patrol very often, which may makes you doubt whether “face” is one of the criterias in their examination.

    image: brandinginasia
  2. Hong Kong is expensive
    As a Malaysian I truly think it’s expensive in Hong Kong. I believe you have heard a lot about this. But how expensive it is? And what is expensive?
    Firstly, let’s compare a meal. It can easily costs us RM50 – RM100 (USD12.5 – 25) for a normal meal, like what we have in “Wong Kok” or “Kim Gary” restaurant in Malaysia. Where we will only need to pay around RM30 to get the same food.

    A special Portuguese meal in Macau – costed me RM150

    For the accomodation it can easily goes over RM100 (USD25) for a DORM bed in an old building, if you did not do research properly, you might get yourself an over-priced or bad room anytime.
    Here are some recommendations for the stay:  5 low price, high ranked Backpacker Hostels in Hong Kong

    Transportation is also kind of expensive in Hong Kong, but luckily, look at no.3.

  3.  Easily accessible to anywhere
    Hong Kong is small and well-developed. Hence, you can basically go to anywhere with their MTR (trains) and buses.
    Don’t forget to get yourself an Octopus Card. I would say this is the KEY to travel in Hong Kong. Also, make sure the card is always loaded because you will never want the people queuing up behind you to get frustrated, nor the driver started “talking” to you.
    This card is also usable in the convenient stores, vending machines and even super markets! Very handy and smart to travel with.
    You can get one here, pick up from the Hong Kong Airport – Klook Tourist Octopus Card

  4. Small and narrow
    As I mentioned in the accommodation post, do not expect big and spacious rooms with limited budget. Hong Kong has 7.3 million population, and there is an overall density of 6.300 people per square kilometer! Which means Hong Kong is already one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
    They have limited land to accommodate their own people, what do you expect them to have to accommodate us?
    So, be ready for their small.

    It’s not that bad! Just not much space to put the luggage or to move around.


  5. People are RUDE?
    I couldn’t deny that some of the people are less friendly in Hong Kong. But if we try to put ourselves into their shoes we will know. Life in HK is not easy. Everyone is so busy, rushing every second to earn an extra cent so that they could afford the rent. In my perspective, they are too depressed by the society, and they have no time to waste. But they don’t mean to be rude, it might be just their style, which requires us to have some prior knowledge to not to get culture shocks. I am a very good example in this. Haha!
    Also, I met a lot of nice people, super friendly and helpful during my hikes. Not everyone is the same, let’s not over generalise, whoever we meet, whatever they do, let’s give them a smile as courtesy can always starts from us! 😉33386605_10156361039319246_2267205118346657792_n
  6. NOT all about shopping.
    I didn’t know hiking is the big love of Hong Kong people until when I decided to do “something different” in HK. They really LOVE hiking so much, and Hong Kong has too many beautiful trails, you will never want to miss.

7. Cantonese or English
Main language in Hong Kong is not Mandarin, they speak Cantonese. Meanwhile most of them also able to speak English. Technically language shouldn’t be a big problem in Hong Kong.


8. Fastest escalator ever
The fastest escalator ever.

The escalators will speak in Cantonese asking you to grab the handrail tightly and stop playing your cell phone. THERE’S A REASON for that. For a few times I nearly “fly away” as I didn’t hold on the handrail.
I was telling my friend that the escalator is actually faster than the bullet train in Japan. You know? That kind of feeling.

9. Safe for girls to SOLO
Traveling alone is not an issue in Hong Kong. It is safe, accessible and tourist friendly.
But I personally think it’s better to ask for companion if you want to experience the exciting nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong – The night life street “where everything happens.” It’s pretty happening and amazing during the weekend nights. But never forget to keep yourself safe.


10. Halal and vegan food available
It’s easy to find vegan food in Hong Kong, as there are quite a lot of Vegetarians in Hong Kong. But it might not be as fancy, more likely to be stir-fried vegetables. Otherwise you might need to check out the cafes where they are always super pricey. I will share a few nice ones I have seen!

  • Mana Cafe


  • Greenwoods Raw Cafe

To my muslim friends! I have compiled a list on Halal Food in Hong Kong. Feel free to check them out here – 10 Halal Restaurants – The taste of HK can be Halal!

Pretty much as the above! I wish they are answering to your questions!

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Hope you enjoyed!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Choi says:

    Glad you saw the real hong kong. Its my favorite city, vibrant, multi cultural, great food, and convenient. Enjoy hk!


  2. Miza says:

    last year when i went to osaka i met an obassan in the train who shared her experience of almost being kidnapped in Hong Kong when she was 5 and here i am, reading about how safe Hong Kong is and my thought immediately go to Young and Dangerous haha!


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