Leave some magic to the kids

With Air Asia limited 7kg hand luggage, I successfully brought sufficient summer outfit for 16 days and a big pack of butterfly pea flower to Japan.


For July, I hosted 2 events in a row in the collaboration with Babel Cafe, in Osaka, Japan! 

My gratitude to those who attended my meetup event to learn more about travel and Malaysia while doing some magic tricks to the tea. Meeting up with strangers who share common interests is something I truly appreciate in every trip. Thank you guys for giving me the chance to know more people from the place I love the most. JAPAN.


Your participation made one of my most beautiful days in Osaka!



This is the beautiful lady boss from Babel Cafe, she is the kind of person that I wish I could become in the future! She owns this beautiful cafe, constantly hosting various types of event to engage people to get connected in this little space, she has a kind soul and she lives everyday so meaningfully and gracefully. Most importantly, she is happy with her life and she is still growing everyday into the self that she wants to be ❤ So much love for this lady!

In the same cafe, I had another meet up with the kids from English Learning Club in Nagasakicho.




One of the key factors in learning language is the environment. The environment which encourages the learners to speak matters the most. The teachers wish that there will be more chances for the kids to talk with foreigners who “Don’t know Japanese”, so I volunteered to have this little event with these cute angels.


I talked to them in English and we made the magic tea together.



The kids were able to do self introduction, tried their best to describe the taste and smell of the tea, and even asked me questions like “What is the popular tea in Malaysia?” And yea, they say the tea smells like potato and seaweed. haha!

I had wonderful time with the kids. Honestly I really appreciate the chance to connect with these kids and being able to give them something (The fun experience of making magic tea, and the chances to talk in English).

My give of this month is nothing big. Very small, and probably not much effect to the society. But I insist that, every little kindness that we devoted, it counts. When it gets more and more by days, you will see the changes ✨

Still learning to be a better self and give more to the world. See you all in August ❤



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