Get paid to travel with Grabean!

This is my second time using this application to “get paid” while I am traveling.

Previously I made a video on how to use this Grabean app in Korea to make money, and the response from the readers was really good. A lot of them requested the English version of it, so I made an another video in English for this time, in Japan.


The video was filmed at my favorite place in Tokyo, which is a Shopping paradise, a Food paradise, and scenic recreation area. Check out my write up to see how we shop, what to eat and how beautiful it is. 

Most importantly, I want to first, share the figure of my earning in this trip by using Grabean app to shop for the Malaysian requesters in 1 day. The money I made is doubled my previous trip in Korea (RM400+), and this trip it was RM870! My air tickets for this trip plus 20kg luggage on the return flight costed me RM805, I have made more than what I paid to get to Japan. Thanks Grabean!

Watch the video here ❤️

Now let’s talk about how to use this app!

Step 1: Register & Verify Mobile Number

To fulfill a request, you need to register/login as a Grabean user, and verified your mobile number.
Please key in your mobile number correctly, if your mobile number is 012-3456789, please key in 123456789. Omit the dash and ” 0 “


Step 2: Offer to Help

Once you’ve decided to help a requester to buy an item, click “Offer to help”

You can negotiate on the price by changing the price under “Offer price”, and use the public comment box to communicate with the requester.


Step 3: Pending Deposit from Requester

After you’ve agreed to help a requester, Grabean will notified the Requester to make a payment.
For now, the status will show “Pending Deposit”. Do not proceed to purchase until requester have made a deposit.
Grabean will inform you via SMS , Inbox and Email that requester already made a deposit.


Step 4: Bought

Once payment is receive by the requester, the status will change from “Pending Deposit” to “Bought”. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 18.38.12

You can click “Confirm purchase” after you’ve bought the item.

Please ensure that you’ve really bought the item before confirming purchase. No cancellation will be allowed after the confirmation!

p/s: try to avoid cancellation, frequent cancellation might cause your account to be suspended.


Step 5:

If the Requester preferred method of delivery is : SELF COLLECTION, you need to drop off the item to Grabean’s office.

self collect

If the Requester preferred method of delivery is: Courier Service. You have 2 choice:

(i) You can choose to “Drop Off” at Grabean’s office, Grabean will post the item for requester.

Drop Off

(ii) Or you can choose pickup courier service, by selecting “Collection Address” and Grabean will arrange a courier service to collect your item at your pickup address.

Please enter your pickup address and preferred collection date at your own convenience.


Step 6: Courier Pickup

For a courier pickup, you need to print out the consignment note from Grabean website.
Prior to packaging the item, please ensure that the item is wrapped up properly to avoid any damages.


There will be 5 copies of the consignment like the one shown below, please clip 4 of them together and stick them on the package. Please ask the courier service to sign the other copy for own receipt.
To avoid any disputes, travellers are advised to take photos of the item before and after packaging and the box itself.

Step 7: Delivery

After the item has been delivered, the status will show COMPLETE. You will receive your payment within 7 working days and rate the transaction. 7% service fee will be deducted from your payment.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 18.38.13

That’s how easy to use the app! Start today to get paid in your next trip!

Download the app Grabean app from:

iPhone Download: 
Android Download:

Lastly, use the code below to get RM10 credit







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  1. EdisonTeh says:

    you can do good in Vlog! keep it up 🙂


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