GIVE of the month


❤ A girl who constantly feeling loved. ❤

Everyone of us was born to take, undeniable fact. But we often forget that we have been taking, and most of the time taking things for granted. Things like our family, our education, our job, our life, and every tiny little thing in daily life.

Until when I realized that nothing should be taken for granted, as everything I own right now, probably got it by luck, maybe got it by hard work, but mostly by the givers. My parents gave me live, my grandma spent her entire life and time for the family, gave me all her love to teach me how to be a good person, government gave me chances to go to school, university gave me scholarship to go to Japan to study, the first ever employer who employed me as a translator gave me confident to keep working as a translator…

Everything in the world happened because somebody was willing to give something!

That is how I remind myself every day. I truly appreciate all the givers in my life, and constantly looking for chances to contribute.

Hence, here’s the list! I decided to GIVE something every month, either a donation, a shout out for a fund, a volunteer work, a translation for charity, do something for the environment, or to connect with the community. Once a month, record something meaningful here.

Be a giver

♥ Save the feet!  – April 2018 shout out and translated article for Kenya Kids.

♥ Volunteer trip to the STATELESS – May 2018 Volunteer trip to East Malaysia (Education).

♥ Leave some magic to the kids – July 2018 Volunteering in English Speaking Event in Japan

 My Pets Haven Dog Shelter – March 2022 Volunteering in Dog Shelter in Shah Alam