My first Barista experience @Pour Cafe

what do I do on a non-traveling day?

Cafe is where I go.

I will find a seat in the cafe, open up my pc, have a sip of hot cocoa or fruit tea, and write a blog.

I don’t really know how to appreciate coffee as I can’t take caffeine. But barista art is definitely something I wanted to try out since long time ago.

lucky me! Thanks to my friend Ivan for bringing me here to meet the barista pro, John, I had the chance to be a one day barista ❤️☕️

Sifu John, me and my hand crafted latte ☕️


Thanks for being so patient with me. And the detailed explanation on barista art!


signature dish of Pour, Spaghetti Nasi Lemak.



Their cocoa is my favourite!


Me and my barista art. Lol.

One day barista, goal accomplished!

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