French Village Bukit Tinggi after Pandemic

It has been a while, and this time it is indeed a “somewhere not far”.

Let’s check the details first!

Destination: Colmar Malaysia (French Village)

📍google map

Drive: Approximately 1-hour drive from KL

Entrance Fee: RM14 nett per adult, RM7 for children ages 4-12

(Include Japanese Garden as well)

Things to do:

  1. French Village – Food and drinks, there’s a nice Starbucks and a few restaurants. Games and arcade. Enjoy the ambiance and highland scenery.
  2. Japanese Garden – Take a shuttle bus from French Village (every 30 minutes), it’s more like a walking/hiking trail, Kimono for rental at RM20, and Japanese restaurant opens from Fri-Sun.
  3. Adventure park – Flying Fox, Paint-ball, Canopy Walk, Rock Climbing, High Rope Obstacle Course.
  4. Rabbit Park – Pet and Feed the animals.
Beautiful french style building.

What I did here:

Visited French Village and Japanese Garden. Adventure park seems fun but we skipped it because it was raining throughout the past few days. If you enter the adventure park, you can choose your preferred activities and just pay for that certain activity.

I had fun in French Village, took tons of photos and played some games.

Japanese Garden was more like an easy hiking trail, which I personally would love to explore. But it might not be advisable for the elderly. It was a little crowded at the Kimono rental hut, so we didn’t stop for the Kimono.

My points of view:

Small and pretty / a little run down / not crowded / cool weather

It was perfect for me because it wasn’t crowded on a Sunday. But it also means that the business is not doing so well. Therefore overall it looks a little run down. Some facilities are abandoned and some shops are closed. Some online reviews say it is not as nice as before the pandemic. I guess Covid-19 gave it a big blow, but we can’t deny that it is a beautiful place for a day trip, a great place for those who just want to get away from the city for a moment.

Ever since the travel restrictions in Malaysia have been lifted, Genting Highland and Cameron Highland have been so crowded with tourists almost every weekend and holiday. If you hate traffic jams and parking competitions like I do, but are still looking for a cool place to get away from the city heat, and to put on your nice sweater and pose, this is the place!

Adrian tried this alone for RM20, it was literally spinning like a washing machine.

He was feeling nauseous after the ride but was still able to take nice pictures for me.

Definitely deserves a thumbs-up! 👍


I really love this place as an escape from the busy town.

It was a short, simple and sweet day trip in this dreamy place.

There are voices stopping tourists to visit Colmar French Village Bukit Tinggi, but I guess this place just needed a little more support to revive from the pandemic. Just like every one of us. 💜🇲🇾 

❗️Guess you missed the “washing machine” spinning video of Adrian❗️

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