Nice to meet you all here!

No matter are you an old friend following me from my past to here, or I am new to you, thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate your time and effort getting here to read more about my trips and adventures!


My friends call me Choco (Choco as in chocolate) sweet, most importantly, easy to remember.

I am a Malaysian, I love traveling. Traveling around and speak 5 languages. I love Japan and traveled a lot in Japan, if you have any doubts about a Japan trip, feel free to ask me! Not only Japan anyway, anywhere I have been, if I could help I won’t hide. Because I love to share about my trips.

I have been writing travel blogs over the past few years. I used to keep my blog private and not many people were reading them since those were actually written in Japanese language.

Until the year of 2016, I joined Miss Happy Feet and had fun writing with her. She taught me so much about blogging, copy writing, managing and lot more! She once told me something, which brought me huge impact in blogging ever since then: “You really have wicked talent in blogging!” That was the moment when I first started seeing something hidden in myself.

What do you guys know about me? Most of my friends tell me I talk a lot.

I like to share my stories and experiences, I hope people could benefit from them. Also I care a lot about people around me, in this case, I care about my readers. I write my blog in a clear, organized, informative and not boring style to make it easy to understand and extract the information from my experiences. I thought it was just my nature to care about people, but I never notice that it was a gift. Or we call it Talent.

I believe that all of us have our own talents, if you haven’t find out yours yet but don’t worry, because sometimes it just happens way too natural which you won’t even notice it. If you have already found out yours, it should not be wasted and shall be shared to help the others. This is the philosophy that encouraged me to start develop my talent into something useful for the others.

I am not sure how many people is benefiting from my blog, the only thing that I am certain about is: it is my biggest honor if my blog is helping you out even just a little bit on your trip, and that is big enough to keep me writing.

Allow me to bring you all more stories of mine, and hope they could be a small piece in your next story as well! 

I will be going to somewhere not far, somewhere so close to heart, and bring back the stories to you.



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