Somewhere to stay: De’Native Guest House, Cameron Highlands


What is nice for a cold temperature? Wake up to flowers and greens in the morning and sitting by bonfire at night. I would say.

De Native Guesthouse is my favorite stay in Cameron Highlands. It is located at Tanah Rata town, get down at the bus terminal, and take a cab to the guesthouse (Or just ask a few local people until you get the direction, because it is actually a walking distance.) The guesthouse is well hidden in the woods, well matched with the theme as the houses are made of bamboo, woods and atap roofs.


with beautiful natural elements.

The host is very welcoming and friendly, revisit this place after few years yet he could still remember me and treat me very nicely.

Few things I really like about this stay.

  1. Bamboo houses
    Checked in into my lovely bamboo room! They do have dorm beds and chalet rooms which can fit two. Shower and toilet attached in my chalet room! And a very nice mosquito net.
    de natice
    1. Bonfire
      My favorite part of every night. Grab a drink from the bar, (Yes there’s a bar in the guesthouse!) sit by the bonfire and get warm and cozy.
even the puppies are so cozy in the bonfire!

Nothing could beat this… unless you have some mash mellows!
This is also the best time to get to know friends from all around the country, talk about adventures and have fun playing some truth games together.

  • Wake up to the nature
    Are you a morning person? I love morning but I always fail to wake up before 11am. But in this guesthouse, I would wake up at 8-9am to open up my door, and get up from bed feeling refreshed!


I like how the puppy looks as happy as me in front those food
  • Native village visit
    This is totally a new experience for me. Cross the border of Pahang to Kelantan, visited the native villages with the host. Krish is so nice, he led us to the places and explained patiently about the history of the natives.
    Also we tried some Durians from the village! I grew up eating durian twice a year (because the fruit is seasonal) and think Durian is yummy. What do you think?DSC00705Visited the kids and brought them some cookies. It upsets me when I learnt that most of the kids do not go to school, because the school is way too far from their access. Some of them do not speak my language, even though I was speaking Malay, which is the national language of Malaysia. Also the girls get married at their teenage.
    I couldn’t stop thinking and found it hard to believe that the distance of an hour drive from the town to the jungle could make so much different in living styles and culture.
    While I am thinking that a better thing to be fixed could be the education system for those children, the government has been fixing the roads, and built them nice houses to replace the bamboo ones.
    DSC00692In return, they could develop the jungle area into agriculture farms. But this is what happened to the river and hills after the development, can you picture the condition of the ecosystem?
    DSC00693The trip to the native villages opened up my mind and made me appreciate things I have, at the same time thinking about what I can do for the them. What do you think it is going to help? Let’s talk about it if you have a realistic idea!
  • Dinner
    Sometimes when Krish is in a good mood, he cooks for us! I was wondering should I put “Indian dinner” or “Fusion Dinner” as the subtopic, but then I had more in my mind, because it could be Indian, Chinese, French, Spanish, or whatever style of dinner depends on the guest!
    DSC0066326648421_10156001387749246_233754640_nThe dinner was made by Krish, Lorraine and (me? a little bit). It was so good and I was so well-fed throughout my whole trip.

What else is special about this guesthouse?

Well, there is a Game Room in the guesthouse! A pool table and darts are available here, open to all guests at no charges.

Also, this is a dog-friendly guesthouse. You are allowed to bring your pups together here!


More? Alright there is a bar selling drinks, and Karaoke at night!


Lastly, it is a budget guesthouse for backpackers! You can check the rate and book your room or dorm bed with De Native Guesthouse  .

Good Trip to Cameron Highland!

Send my regards to Krish if you are going to visit De Native Guesthouse. Enjoy your trip!

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